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Lipstyck Lab


    Lipstyck Lab is a Bespoke Cosmetic Company.  

Handcrafted lipstyck and lip gloss.  

Choose a base, color, finish, texture, flavors, scents or extra additives. 


                                          1st Choose your base

                          Base:  Crème,  Matte, Glace and Polish

                        ( All Natural, plant based, long lasting, paraben free, cruelty-free)



                                          2nd Pick your color

          We provide 21 pigments, 23 foils, and frost for your custom color


                                          3rd  Add your signature 

               Add flavors, special additives to put your unique signature on it 

                                           4th Make it your own

               Name your custom Lipstyck or Lip gloss and pucker up!

Let us perfect your perfect shade

download (2)_edited.jpg

Lipstyck Lab
2714 Murray Ave 
Pittsburgh, Pa 15217

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